Who we are

The mission of AmplifyPostgres is advocacy, education, awareness, and engagement of PostgreSQL-related users, developers, and companies around the globe. This group is dedicated to building up people in our PostgreSQL community, as well as connecting to interrelated open source software communities.

Where you can find us

How to reach us

  • You can chat with us on : Google Hangouts
  • You can direct message us on twitter.

    Why work with us

    We are the only dedicated advocacy community for Postgres that embraces the entire ecosystem. We want to see everyone who uses Postgres succeed. We offer services nobody else does including community profiles (normally published through, webinars, social media propagation, live events through Periscope and much more.

    Policies for promotion

    We are avid posters about Postgres. We try to post relevant content from across the entire ecosystem. We have some basic policies we have put in place.

    1. If you are a conference, and you wish to take advantage of the services the amplifypostgres team offers you must:
      • list @amplifypostgres as your media sponsor with logo on your primary primary sponsor page;
      • Tweets and other media promotion must include the handle @amplifypostgres
    1. If you are a company promoting Postgres, Postgres related services or products:
      • include @amplifypostgres in your tweet;
      • direct message us on twitter if you would like a more comprehensive promotion opportunity;
    1. If you are an Open Source project/product:
      • DM us;
      • Include @amplifypostgres in your tweet;
    1. We will not engage with the following subject matters:
      • pornography;
      • anything sexist or racist or bigoted